Grinch Strikes in Bloomington: Christmas Day Thefts Reported to Police

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – December 26, 2023

The holiday spirit took an unfortunate turn in Bloomington as the Grinch made his mark with Christmas Day thievery.

According to police daily summaries, an unknown male forcibly entered the mail room of an apartment complex situated at 400 block of E 19th St. by breaching the lock on the door. The individual then proceeded to steal multiple packages belonging to several people.

Then another incident was reported at the 500 block of South Swain Avenue, where an unknown person allegedly stole a bicycle from the driveway of a residence.

The victim, identified as a female, reported the theft of her bicycle, though details regarding whether the bicycle was secured at the time of the incident were not disclosed.

Both crimes were reported to the Bloomington Police Department on Christmas Day.

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