President Joe Biden Condemns Russia’s Aggression on Ukraine, Urges Congressional Action

Staff report

December 29, 2023

In a strongly worded statement issued today, President Joe Biden denounced Russia’s recent aerial assault on Ukraine as the largest bombardment since the conflict’s inception. The assault, utilizing drones and advanced missiles, including hypersonic ones, targeted cities and critical civilian infrastructure across Ukraine. Reports confirmed strikes on a maternity hospital, a shopping mall, and residential areas, resulting in the tragic loss of innocent lives and leaving dozens injured.

The President emphasized that this attack underscores Putin’s unchanged objective: to obliterate Ukraine and subjugate its people. He urged immediate global action to halt Putin’s aggressive pursuits, stating, “He must be stopped.”

Highlighting Ukraine’s defense efforts against the onslaught, President Biden credited the successful interception and destruction of numerous missiles and drones through the deployment of air defense systems provided by the United States and its Allies over the past year. He praised the collaborative efforts that have saved lives and offered vital support to Ukraine in its defense of freedom and independence.

However, President Biden expressed concern that without urgent action from Congress in the upcoming year, the continued supply of essential weaponry and air defense systems to Ukraine might face obstacles. He called upon Congress to act promptly and decisively, stressing the significance of aiding Ukraine in safeguarding its people.

The President underscored the broader implications of the conflict, stating that it goes beyond Ukraine’s borders, impacting the NATO Alliance, European security, and the Transatlantic relationship. He warned that allowing autocratic regimes to destabilize Europe poses a direct risk to the United States, with repercussions resonating globally.

In a plea for support, former Bloomington resident Sergiy Fesenko, working with the Ukraine Aid Foundation, Inc., urged fellow supporters to contact District Representative Erin Houchin of Indiana’s 9th district for crucial military assistance to Ukraine.

The conflict traces back to Russia’s 2014 covert operation leading to the annexation of Crimea and parts of Eastern Ukraine. Despite initial setbacks and challenges, Ukraine’s resilience has thwarted expectations, reclaiming territories seized by Russia in 2022.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III highlighted the strategic importance of Ukraine to global security and reaffirmed the United States’ commitment, having provided significant security assistance totaling over $44 billion. He credited these contributions with enabling Ukraine to recapture more than half of the territory seized since 2022.

Moreover, the U.S. recently announced a vital assistance package valued at up to $250 million, comprising various weaponry, munitions, and essential equipment to reinforce Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

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