Press release: Bloomingfoods to Launch a SNAP Double Dollars Program January 2024

The following was sent to the Bloomingtonian:

Rachel Veronesi, Marketing & Communications Manager
Bloomingfoods Co-op Market

Bloomingfoods to Launch a SNAP Double Dollars Program January 2024
Bloomington, Indiana: In order to help reduce the barriers to healthy food,
Bloomingfoods applied for an Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) grant supported
through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) that funds entities within the State of
Indiana to implement programs focused on addressing health issues and challenges
within Indiana. With the IDOH grant funds of $583,626 Bloomingfoods was awarded,
they will be launching a SNAP Double Dollars Program in mid-January 2024.
This program will allow Bloomingfoods shoppers who utilize SNAP (Supplemental
Nutrition Assistance Program) to pay 50% less for SNAP eligible items. Bloomingfoods
SNAP Double Dollars Program benefits can also be used with Bloomingfoods current
program, Bloomingfoods for All, which gives all Owner-Members utilizing SNAP an
additional 20% off all EBT eligible items.
Bloomingfoods believes everyone in our community deserves access to healthy food
and is grateful to be able to offer this program to provide additional assistance to those
in need in our community. For more information, please visit

About Bloomingfoods Co-op Market: Bloomingfoods is a community-owned
cooperative grocery store with two locations and was founded in 1976. Since then,
Bloomingfoods has continued to promote healthy, high quality, sustainable, and
environmentally-sound products at a fair price. Bloomingfoods is dedicated and
committed to providing the people of Bloomington and throughout South Central Indiana
a market for local, fair and healthful products, produced with care for the land, animals,
and future generations; a democratic cooperative-ownership model that provides
meaningful employment and strengthens the community; a robust and sustainable local
food economy with fair prices for producers and all owner-members; access to
education on food systems, cooperative values, and the interconnectedness of food,
health, and the environment. As a co-op, Bloomingfoods will always operate on a
cooperative basis for the mutual benefit of its owners. For more information, visit


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