Press release: Cook Medical’s Slip-Cath® Beacon® TipHydrophilic Selective Catheter is now available for use in the U.S. and Canada

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian:

Slip-Cath® Beacon® Tip is now available in the U.S. and Canada

Cook Medical’s Slip-Cath® Beacon® Tip Hydrophilic Angiographic Cather has more than 30 tip curves.

Bloomington, Ind. — Cook Medical’s Slip-Cath® Beacon® TipHydrophilic Selective Catheter is now available for use in the U.S. and Canada. Slip-Cath is a hydrophilic angiographic catheter used in vascular and non-vascular procedures. Cook is proud to bring back this product after collaborating with physicians and clinicians to best meet their needs.

This product is intended for use in angiographic procedures in conjunction with vascular access sheaths, wire guides and various treatment devices. The Slip-Cath Beacon Tip Catheter has several beneficial features, such as:

  • Visibility, pushability and torqueability
  • Protective foil packaging ensuring product durability1,2
  • Three-year shelf life (leading competitors’ products only have a two-year shelf life)

Slip-Cath is an important part of our larger comprehensive product portfolio of vascular products. As we partner with healthcare providers, these products are expanding treatment options, advancing procedures, and improving patients’ lives every day.

“Besides innovating within clinical unmet need areas, we are also looking to continually improve and extend our existing procedural solutions. This device is made with a tip that contains our signature Beacon Tip technology to enhance visibility, combined with a smooth hydrophilic coating. Over the last several years our customers have been frequently asking to get this device back on the market. Both the product and processes have been re-engineered, resulting in this valuable addition to the interventional practice,” said Remco van der Meel, director of product management for Cook’s Interventional Radiology specialty. “As part of our product development process, we collaborate intensively with clinical experts to ensure our devices are meeting and exceeding the needs they encounter in daily practices. We are very excited to offer this solution to physicians again.”

To learn more details about Slip Cath’s features and see which catheter curve is right for you and your patients, you can visit the Beacon Tip Slip-Cath page here.

About Cook Medical
Since 1963, Cook Medical has worked closely with physicians to develop technologies that eliminate the need for open surgery. Today we invent, manufacture and deliver a unique portfolio of medical devices to the healthcare systems of the world. Serving patients is a privilege, and we demand the highest standards of quality, ethics and service. We have remained family owned so that we have the freedom to focus on what we care about: patients, our employees and our communities.

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1 Engineering – D00537210: Technical analysis for foil pouch opacity and vapor-impermeable material for Beacon Tip diagnostic catheters.

2 2. D00523206: Technical analysis for evaluating the reliability and robustness of the Beacon Tip foil packaging and labels to withstand VHP and high humidity.

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