Second Person Killed at Homeless Camp near Wheeler Mission Tuesday in Bloomington, Indiana

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – January 9, 2024

A man was found shot dead in a tent at a homeless camp near Wheeler Mission Tuesday, according to the Bloomington Police. It’s the second killing at the camp in the past few weeks.

Police were called to the camp in the woods along West Third Street around 1:45 Tuesday when several witnesses in the area reported hearing gunfire. Police found the 52-year-old man inside a tent already dead, according to the BPD.

The police spoke with several witnesses during the investigation, but haven’t made an arrest yet, according to the BPD. Police believe the victim and the shooter knew each other.

“Investigators will continue to follow-up on leads throughout the evening in an effort to identify and locate a suspect,” said BPD Capt. Ryan Pedigo in a news release.

The other man, 31-year-old Shaquille Phillips, who was unhoused, was killed at the camp when he was attacked with a machete on December 7, 2023, and later found dead in a creek. Police arrested 42-year-old Craig A. Peterson, who is being charged with murder.

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