Hotels for Homeless Urgently Seeks Donations Amidst Harsh Winter Conditions

Staff report

Bloomington, January 16, 2024 – As bone-chilling temperatures grip the Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding area, along with the Midwest, Hotels for Homeless, a nonprofit organization based in Bloomington, is making an urgent plea for community support.

With a severe winter storm taking a toll on the region, the organization has taken swift action to shelter over 60 vulnerable individuals in emergency hotel rooms, shielding them from the life-threatening cold.

Katie Norris, the Executive Director of Hotels for Homeless, has been leading the organization’s efforts to rescue unhoused residents from the frigid streets. The recent cold snap, with temperatures dipping below zero and the added threat of wind chills, poses a serious risk of hypothermia and even death for those exposed to the elements for extended periods.

In an appeal to the community, Norris highlighted the substantial financial burden the organization has incurred in securing hotel accommodations for those in need. The situation is further compounded by the forecast of more cold temperatures and upcoming snowfall later in the week.

Norris issued a press release on Tuesday, outlining the organization’s response to the winter storm crisis. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit urgently seeks community assistance to continue its mission of preventing and ending homelessness, especially during this critical time.

The press release states, “As temperatures plummet and tragedy unfolds, our program, grounded in low-barrier, housing-first principles, has a proven track record of saving lives and community resources. With at least 12 lives claimed by this storm across the Midwest, our mission becomes even more critical.”

To contribute to the cause, the organization has set up a donation platform on Venmo and PayPal under the username H4HBtown. The funds raised will directly support the immediate needs of individuals currently housed in emergency hotel rooms.

For those interested in providing assistance or seeking more information, Katie Norris, Executive Director of Hotels For Homeless, can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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