Press release: JCRC Applauds Passage of HB 1002 in the IN House of Representatives

The following was sent to the Bloomingtonian:

Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council Amber Maze 609-515-3122 [email protected]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 18, 2024
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, January 2024 – The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) commends today’s 83-0 passage of HB 1002 in the Indiana House of Representatives as a significant step toward combatting antisemitism in Indiana. The bipartisan support garnered in the Indiana House reflects a shared commitment to addressing this pressing issue and providing for a safe, inclusive environment for Jewish Hoosiers.
House Bill 1002, which will add the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Working Definition of Antisemitism into the Indiana education code, is the culmination of extensive collaboration and advocacy by JCRC alongside dedicated partners and supporters. We express our appreciation to the legislature for this legislation and its steadfast dedication to combatting antisemitism.
“We must define antisemitism if we are to counter antisemitism,” stated Jacob Markey, Executive Director of JCRC. “This legislation provides a universal definition that will align Indiana with a widely accepted standard.”
According to the Anti-Defamation League, antisemitic incidents have risen over 350% in the months following the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack in Israel. Many of these incidents are occurring in K-12 classrooms and on college campuses, with administrators and professors turning a blind eye.
“Sadly, in 21st century America and in our own state, Jewish students are being targeted and are afraid to be who they are,” said JCRC Board President Jamie Ratner Rich. “It is unconscionable and antithetical to our deeply held Hoosier values.”
JCRC urges Senators to recognize the urgency of addressing antisemitism and to pass HB 1002 without delay. By doing so, we can collectively send a powerful message that antisemitism has no place in our society.
About the JCRC: Since 1942, the JCRC has been the public affairs, interfaith, and intergroup relations arm of the organized Jewish community. JCRC builds consensus on public affairs issues, and advocate on behalf of the Indiana Jewish community by building relationships and partnerships with civic leaders, public officials, and other faith & ethnic communities. JCRC proactively combats antisemitism and acts in coalition with groups that fight discrimination and advocate for human & civil rights and social & economic justice. JCRC is the Jewish community’s Israel advocacy organization. JCRC is a Constituent Agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis and founding member of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. JCRC is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that does not endorse or oppose candidates for political office.

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