Escaped Goose Found Wandering in Petco Parking Lot Sparks Rescue Effort in Bloomington, Indiana


By Jeremy hogan

Bloomington, Indiana – January 22, 2204

A goose, which was found wandering and crying in the parking lot of Petco on Bloomington’s Eastside Sunday night, had actually escaped from its owners, according to Outreach and Behavior Coordinator Emily Herr of City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control. The goose wasn’t dumped.

“The goose is safe and will be reunited with her sibling soon. She did, in fact, have an owner looking for her and was not dumped,” said Herr.

The reunited geese and live with Katelyn Knipstine, who took in the escaped goose Sunday.

Knipstine sent a photo of the goose to the Bloomingtonian, which she has already nicknamed Moose.

“She’s mingling with our chickens while we hang outside with her,” said Knipstine.”


By Jeremy Hogan

Bloomington, Indiana – January 21, 2024

An African goose was found walking around in the parking lot outside Petco on Sunday night just before the business was about to close. Yes, you read that correctly. A worker at the business suspects the animal may have been purposely left there, but it’s unclear how it got there.

Full disclosure, I saw it and heard its cries, and pointed it out to another person, Katelyn Knipstine, who immediately took action. We were both at Petco to buy food for our pets.

At first, we thought maybe it was a Canadian Goose separated from its flock and crying in hopes of finding the others. However, employees at Petco helped identify it as a domesticated African Goose.

A worker was concerned it wouldn’t survive the night and would surely freeze to death. However, multiple sources online say that African geese can not only survive extreme cold but also live a long time in general. That’s not to say it wouldn’t get hit by a vehicle. One domestic goose lived 49 years and 8 months, according to Tyrant Farms. Source: Tyrant Farms

According to The Poultry Site, “African geese are a long-living breed that is docile and sociable in temperament, although the males can sometimes be aggressive in the breeding season. They are easy to look after and enjoy grazing on grass. They also make good guards and are noisy when surprised.”

They said animals have been dumped or left at Petco before, and they were grateful the goose was seen before they closed, and not left to die. However, it’s confusing and upsetting why someone would leave the animal like that. I called a friend who works at the animal shelter, and they said the bird could be taken in in the morning as there were no animal control officers on shift.

Another person generously offered a portable animal kennel after Knipstine heroically picked up the bird, held it, and comforted it. Knipstine took the animal home for the night and will take it to the shelter in the morning. But the mystery remains: how did the animal get into the parking lot to begin with? If this is your animal, you might want to call the shelter.

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