Escaped Goose to Be Reunited with Its Sibling Goose

Courtesy photo

By Jeremy hogan

Bloomington, Indiana – January 22, 2204

A goose, which was found wandering and crying in the parking lot of Petco on Bloomington’s Eastside Sunday night, had actually escaped from its owners, according to Outreach and Behavior Coordinator Emily Herr of City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control. The goose wasn’t dumped.

“The goose is safe and will be reunited with her sibling soon. She did, in fact, have an owner looking for her and was not dumped,” said Herr.

The reunited geese and live with Katelyn Knipstine, who took in the escaped goose Sunday.

Knipstine sent a photo of the goose to the Bloomingtonian, which she has already nicknamed Moose.

“She’s mingling with our chickens while we hang outside with her,” said Knipstine.”

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