MCHA Receives Donation of over 33,000 lbs. of Pet Food and Supplies to Assist Local Families and Their Pets

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Monroe County Humane Association’s Pet Food & Supply Pantry program receives a significant boost through a generous donation from Chewy and the Humane Society of the United States.

Bloomington, IN – The Monroe County Humane Association (MCHA) is celebrating a major milestone with the recent delivery of a massive 33,600 lb. donation of pet food and supplies at the MCHA Animal Care Campus. This substantial contribution, a result of the collaboration between Chewy and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is set to make a lasting impact on the lives of local families and their beloved pets through MCHA’s Pet Food & Supply Pantry program.

MCHA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care and resources for vulnerable pets in and around the Bloomington community, recognizes the challenges faced by many households, especially during times of financial strain. The timely and generous donation is expected to play a crucial role in MCHA’s ongoing efforts to ensure that no pet in the community goes hungry, reinforcing the bond between people and their pets even in difficult times.

Andrew Krebbs, Executive Director of MCHA, expressed gratitude for the support, stating, “The significance of our Food & Supply Pantry program within the community is profoundly underscored by the remarkable distribution of 12.5 tons of food in the previous year. This achievement is only possible through the substantial contributions of partners like Chewy and the Humane Society of the United States, for which we are immensely grateful.”

The donation is part of the Pets for Life program, a collaborative initiative between Chewy and HSUS that specifically aims to support community outreach programs, such as MCHA’s, working to provide accessible resources to marginalized pet owners.

Samantha Chapman, Indiana State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, expressed appreciation for MCHA’s tireless efforts, stating, “Monroe County Humane Association works tirelessly to assist pets and their people in Monroe County and beyond. We are honored to support their vital services to the community with this donation.”

In 2023, MCHA’s Pet Food & Supply program distributed 25,000 lbs. of pet food and supplies throughout the Bloomington area. This program provides support to families facing temporary financial difficulties, aiming to ensure that no pet goes hungry. MCHA is deeply committed to keeping pets with their families and reducing the number of animals surrendered, fostering a community where every pet is valued, cared for, and safe in their homes.

For more information about the vital community services provided by MCHA and ways to support their work, visit

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