Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Enhances Lifesaving Capabilities with 60 AEDs

Written from press release:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — January 29, 2024

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has received a generous donation of 60 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), thanks to a collaborative effort between the Monroe County Board of Commissioners and Monroe County Council, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The acquisition was made possible through the utilization of the General Obligation Bond to fund this critical initiative.

The allocated funding proved sufficient to outfit each patrol deputy vehicle and jail transport vehicle with an AED. Additionally, the Monroe County Correctional Center will now have an AED on each floor, significantly enhancing the emergency response capabilities within the facility. Furthermore, a trauma kit, complete with additional first aid supplies, has been procured for every patrol deputy vehicle.

Heart Reach Medical facilitated the AED order, generously donating 5 additional Cardiac Science Power Heart G5 AEDs to extend the reach of the initiative and better serve the community. Heart Reach Medical, a sister organization of Bolt for the Heart (Heart Reach Carmel Inc.), specializes in equipping non-profits with lifesaving equipment. The Cardiac Science Power Heart G5 AEDs boast a 6-8-year battery life expectancy, with replacement batteries conveniently available directly through Heart Reach.

Expressing gratitude for the new equipment, Sheriff Marté emphasized the potential impact on lifesaving measures. “These AEDs will allow Monroe County Sheriff’s Office personnel the ability to immediately begin lifesaving measures in the event they are first responders to a cardiac event. We are very appreciative of the Commissioners and Council for their supportive efforts in purchasing this very important equipment,” stated Sheriff Marté.

Currently, the Sheriff’s Office is in the process of assigning the newly acquired AEDs to deputies and correctional officers who are already trained in their use. This proactive approach ensures that the personnel are well-prepared to respond effectively to emergencies and cardiac events, further strengthening the safety and well-being of the Monroe County community.

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