Waldron Arts Center Unveils February-March Exhibitions

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Bloomington, IN – The Waldron Arts Center is set to captivate art enthusiasts with a diverse array of exhibitions spanning February and March. Four distinct shows, namely Linger, Local Phenomena, Inheritance, and Color Play, will grace the center’s galleries, offering a rich tapestry of artistic expressions.

In the Miller Gallery, Soulaf Abas takes center stage with her exhibition, Linger. The collection of paintings showcases Abas’s versatility, featuring mediums ranging from watercolors and pastels to oils. Abas’s work delves into the introspective realm, exploring themes of grief, memory, and psychological landscapes. Each piece serves as a poignant examination of how grief shapes our understanding of loss on an emotional level.

The Treasury and Vault Galleries will host Local Phenomena by Emily Wilson Gillespie. Her vibrant and playful landscapes draw inspiration from a composite of memory, observation, and imagination within a 45-mile radius she calls home. Gillespie’s works invite viewers to momentarily escape into her artistic interpretation of meaningful places, fostering reflection on personal connections to landscapes.

Inheritance, occupying the Spotlight Gallery, is a unique showcase featuring two series by artist Ben Pines – Sky Paintings and Neoclassical Suite. Pines invites viewers to reflect on both natural and cultural inheritances through skyscapes painted from imagination and memory, as well as works based on nineteenth-century portrait sculptures. The cohesive interplay between the two series creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a light-filled European museum.

Katha Soens graces the Educational Gallery with her exhibition, Color Play. Soens, with a corporate background in website design, translates her artistic vision into works rich in texture and color. Using techniques like cold wax, encaustics, and wood assemblage, Soens’s pieces offer a visual delight, evoking natural occurrences such as horizons and clear water views while maintaining an abstract grounding in reality.

These four compelling exhibitions will be unveiled to the public during the Gallery Walk on February 2, from 5-8pm, with an additional reception scheduled for March 1 during the Gallery Walk.

Artist Biographies

  • Soulaf Abas, originally from Damascus, Syria, explores the intersections of internal and external landscapes in her works. Her artistic journey, marked by national and international exhibitions, reflects a deep exploration of loss and war.
  • Emily Wilson Gillespie, based in Bloomington, Indiana, celebrates rural landscapes through her playful shapes, bright paints, and native plant dyes. Her accolades include the Efroymson Arts Fellowship and an Emerging Artist Grant from the Bloomington Arts Commission.
  • Ben Pines, born in Washington, D.C., and influenced by contemporary narrative realist painter Bo Bartlett, invites viewers to contemplate the form, light, and rhythm of the natural world in Inheritance. Pines, also an art educator, draws from his extensive studies at renowned institutions.
  • Katha Soens, transitioning from a corporate career in website design, showcases her hands-on and messy artistic process in Color Play. Her work, displayed in various Indiana venues, blends cold and fused beeswax, acrylic, plaster, wood, and collage.

Gallery Information

The exhibitions will be open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, with varying gallery hours. Notably, the Waldron Arts Center welcomes visitors during all Constellation performances. Those interested in weekend visits are encouraged to schedule in advance via email at [email protected]. The galleries will be closed from March 31 to April 5.

About the Waldron Arts Center

Managed by Constellation Stage and Screen, the Waldron Arts Center, under Gallery Manager Sarah Nichols, aims to create impactful visual art experiences for diverse audiences. Located in downtown Bloomington, the gallery provides a vibrant platform for local and regional artists to exhibit their work at different stages of their careers. For additional information, visit here.

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