Matt Caldie Declares Candidacy for At-Large Seat on Monroe County Council

Written from press release:

Monroe County, 2/1/2024 – Today, Matt Caldie officially launched his campaign for an at-large seat on the Monroe County Council, according to a press release sent to the Bloomingtonian.

According to the announcement, with a focus on creating an inclusive and resilient community, Caldie aims to build a local economy that offers expanded job opportunities, robust wages, and increased affordability in housing.

In his announcement, Caldie emphasized the County Council’s pivotal role in shaping the fiscal landscape of the county government. Caldie said he believes that adopting budgets and authorizing spending aligned with his vision is essential for sustainable growth that considers the concerns of residents and respects the natural environment.

Caldie is a four-term member of the Bloomington Environmental Commission. His advocacy has contributed to updates in Bloomington’s Unified Development Ordinance and Climate Action Plan, along with a published Bloomington Air Quality advisory report, according to the announcement.

As the Vice Precinct Chairperson for Perry 19, Caldie has actively participated in campaign committees for the past two elections, according to Caldie. His environmental passion extends beyond politics, as evidenced by his project to transform his yard into a native habitat, encouraging neighbors to follow suit, according to the announcement.

Caldie said his diverse work background, from warehouse worker to facilities setup coordinator, provides him with invaluable perspectives on the county’s challenges. Currently serving in a public-facing customer service role at IU Parking Operations, he is uniquely positioned to address issues of affordability, job opportunities, and sustainability that are increasingly important in the county.

For more information on Matt Caldie’s campaign, visit Contact: [email protected].

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