Attorney General Todd Rokita Launches ‘Eyes on Education’ Portal to Empower Parents to Report Others to Government

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – February 6, 2024

Attorney General Todd Rokita has unveiled the “Eyes on Education” transparency portal, aimed at empowering parents to actively engage in their children’s education by reporting and reviewing potentially inappropriate materials in schools. However, his controversial statement encouraging parents to report on each other likens it to actions taken by communists in the former USSR.

In the former USSR, people who thought the actions of their neighbors weren’t communist enough or just wanted to get rid of a neighbor, would report them to the communist party. Many, who had done nothing wrong, found themselves in the Gulag as a result.

Ironically, the portal provides a platform for parents and students to submit and view examples of what Rokita labels as “socialist indoctrination” in Indiana classrooms. Rokita emphasized the need for children to focus on essential educational foundations rather than divisive ideologies that separate them from their parents and society.

“As I travel the state, I regularly hear from students, parents, and teachers about destructive curricula, policies, or programs in our schools,” said Attorney General Rokita. “The media and schools themselves have continued to deny that this indoctrination is happening here in Indiana, so my office is launching Eyes on Education to expose examples of socialist indoctrination from classrooms across the state.”

Several examples have already been posted on the portal, including a gender support plan, a pride flag featuring a Black Lives Matter symbol, a political beliefs survey, a presentation instructing kids to be “emotionally independent of parents,” and race and gender-based college fairs and scholarships.

The portal not only covers K-12 classrooms but also accepts submissions regarding colleges, universities, and affiliated academic entities in Indiana. The Office of the Attorney General pledges to investigate materials that may violate Indiana law using tools like public records requests and publish their findings on the portal.

Despite the controversial nature of encouraging parents to report on each other, Rokita emphasizes that the portal is meant to empower parents and educators alike. He invites educators to submit examples of objectionable materials they encounter, expressing his desire to support excellent educators and address the suppression of their efforts.

To submit to the portal, individuals can visit the Attorney General’s website at, select ‘Eyes on Education,’ and provide details such as the school corporation, school name, and upload relevant documents. Submissions will be reviewed and published regularly, and the portal includes a video message from Attorney General Rokita explaining its purpose.

Critics argue that the portal may lead to an environment of distrust and division among parents, students, and educators. The controversial move has sparked discussions about the balance between transparency, parental involvement, and potential negative consequences within the educational system.

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