Fire at South Rogers Residence Contained Wednesday; Investigation Underway

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — February 15, 2024

A fire that erupted at a residence in the 2500 block of South Rogers has been successfully contained, thanks to the quick response of passersby who noticed smoke and promptly alerted the Bloomington Fire Department. The incident, reported by the department, unfolded in a single-story rental house, resulting in significant damage.

According to the Bloomington Fire Department, the fire is currently under investigation, with preliminary details indicating that it originated in the kitchen area near the washer and dryer. The renters were not at home when the fire began.

Multiple people driving by reported the smoke coming from the residence. The BFD has ruled out arson or any criminal intent as the cause of the fire. To determine the definitive cause, a private fire investigation firm and forensic engineer, hired by the insurance company, will likely further analyze the incident, according to the BFD.

Although the fire was contained to the kitchen, extensive smoke and heat damage spread throughout the bedrooms due to open doors.

Tom Figolah, Fire Prevention Officer, of the Bloomington Fire Department said safety recommendations emphasize the importance of closing bedroom doors before leaving the house or going to sleep. This practice can prevent smoke and heat from quickly entering bedrooms, offering valuable time for escape and minimizing fire damage. Additionally, residents are urged to ensure that electrical appliances, including clothes dryers and portable heaters, are turned off or unplugged before leaving their homes.

First Responders’ Accounts:

Engine 5: Upon dispatch to 2525 S Rogers for a reported structure fire, Engine 5 arrived to find heavy smoke emanating from the eaves of a single-story residence. The team quickly identified the bulk of the fire in the kitchen area and successfully contained it. A thorough search and investigation were conducted, with the scene subsequently handed over to investigators.

Battalion 1: Fire units responded to the structure fire, discovering flames at the rear of the single-story residence. Coordinated efforts by Engine 5, Engine 1, Truck 1, Engine 4, and Engine 3 led to the swift containment of the fire. Two handlines were deployed to manage the situation. Investigators, along with logistical and Red Cross support for the displaced tenants, were promptly notified.

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