Indiana Ranks as the Ninth State with the Saddest Tech Professionals

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INDIANAPOLIS – February 20, 2024

Indiana has been identified as one of the least favorable states for tech professionals in the United States, ranking ninth-worst, according to a recent study conducted by technology information site Increditools.

The research analyzed key metrics related to tech careers, including the median hourly wage in tech roles, the concentration of tech jobs, and the percentage of remote workers. Indiana received a score of 22.99 out of 100, reflecting its challenges in providing a satisfactory environment for tech workers.

Among the factors contributing to Indiana’s low ranking are one of the lowest rates of people employed in tech roles per 1,000 jobs and a significantly low percentage of remote workers. The study’s index reveals that Indiana faces considerable hurdles in fostering a positive tech work atmosphere compared to other states.

In contrast, Washington emerged as the top state for tech employment with an impressive score of 86.73 out of 100. The state boasts the highest number of remote workers, the second-highest number of people employed in tech roles per 1,000 jobs, and the second-highest median hourly wage for both all industries and tech roles.

California secured the second spot with a score of 83.79, driven by its status as the home of Silicon Valley and the highest median hourly wage for tech roles in the nation. Tech professionals in California earn 259% more than their counterparts in other industries, and 21.4% of the workforce operates remotely.

Virginia claimed the third position with a score of 81.39, excelling in the number of people employed in tech per 1,000 residents and boasting a median hourly wage for tech workers that is 228% higher than the median across all industries.

Maryland and Colorado rounded out the top five, scoring 75.09 and 70.11, respectively, with strengths in remote work opportunities and competitive median hourly wages for tech roles.

Indiana’s ranking reflects a broader trend, highlighting the variation in tech work environments across different states in the U.S. Despite California’s high median hourly wage for tech professionals, it fell short in job opportunities compared to other leading states.

A spokesperson from Increditools commented on the findings, stating, “This study provides an interesting insight into which states where tech employees feel the most satisfied, especially given how powerful the tech industry is in today’s society. Despite being the hub of Silicon Valley, California does not claim the first spot even though the state boasts the highest median hourly wage for tech professionals, the state falls short in terms of job opportunities compared to other states.”

The study assessed a total of 42 states, with Massachusetts rounding out the top 10, scoring 59.49 out of 100.

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