Attorney General Rokita Defends Indiana Law Prohibiting Sex Ed in Grades K-3

Written from a press release:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – February 23, 2024

In a federal appeals court today, Attorney General Todd Rokita’s legal team defended the constitutionality of an Indiana law that prohibits the teaching of human sexuality to students in grades kindergarten through third grade, according to a press release from Rokita’s office. Attorney General Rokita asserted that the law reflects “Hoosier common sense” and respects parents’ roles in their children’s upbringing.

“Human sexuality being taught to students by their teachers is questionable at any age,” stated Attorney General Rokita. “The fact that this is taught to children who are still learning how to spell and how to do basic math is reprehensible. This is a good law that represents Hoosier common sense and respects parents’ roles in raising their children.”

The legal challenge stems from an elementary teacher at Indianapolis Public Schools who contends that the law infringes upon her First Amendment rights. Attorney General Rokita dismissed this argument, emphasizing that teachers in public schools do not possess a First Amendment right to teach unrestricted content.

“Teachers in our public schools don’t have a First Amendment right to teach whatever they want,” Attorney General Rokita asserted. “This type of class no longer focuses on biology – it’s now based on ideology. This is why parents should be the ones to help guide their children through this difficult stage.”

The teacher’s lawsuit also alleges that the law employs overly vague terminology. Attorney General Rokita countered this claim by highlighting that the law uses language consistent with other Indiana statutes that have been enforced for years without challenge.

Attached to the announcement is a brief outlining the positions advocated by Attorney General Rokita’s legal team.

Link to PDF:

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