Fire Alarm Evacuation Halts Indiana University vs Wisconsin Basketball Game; IU Emerges Victorious in 74-70 Win

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — February 27, 2024

A fire alarm disrupted the Indiana University vs Wisconsin basketball game at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Tuesday, leading to an evacuation of the arena and a delay in the second half.

According to a statement from Indiana University Athletics, the incident occurred when a fire alarm was triggered in the balcony of the assembly hall. Emergency management officials stationed in the Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall Command Center promptly followed state law protocols and ordered the evacuation of the arena to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in attendance.

“Once it was determined there was no immediate threat, everyone was allowed back in the building,” the statement read.

The evacuation caused a temporary halt to the game, with spectators forced to leave the stands during the second half. The Indiana University Athletics department did not provide specific details regarding the cause of the fire alarm or the duration of the delay. However, officials emphasized the importance of prioritizing the safety of all individuals present in the assembly hall.

Despite the disruption, the game eventually resumed after it was confirmed that there was no ongoing threat. Both teams returned to the court, and spectators reoccupied the stands to continue witnessing the matchup between Indiana University and Wisconsin.

IU beat Wisconsin 74-70.

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