Press release: City of Bloomington Announces Third Street Bicycle Lane Improvement Project

The following was sent to the Bloomingtonian:


Bloomington, Ind.– Traffic separation barriers will be installed along certain portions of the existing buffer between the bicycle lane and the motor vehicle travel lanes on E 3rd St between Indiana Ave and Eagleson Ave. This improvement uses two types of low-cost barrier curbs with delineator posts. 

Feedback from community stakeholders played a crucial role in shaping the proposed project, including a positive reception from the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission and coordination with stakeholders such as Bloomington Transit and Indiana University. This improvement may be refined or modified to best suit the transportation needs of the corridor in the future. 


There have been numerous concerns over the years about vehicles stopping and parking inside the existing bicycle lane. This behavior is illegal and results in safety concerns for cyclists, motor vehicles, and buses traveling along the corridor. A protected bike lane creates a physical barrier between cyclists and vehicular traffic – deterring undesired use and providing a more predictable environment for all road users.


Installation will occur the week of March 11, 2024. This is the week Indiana University and the Monroe County Community School Corporation are on spring break.

E 3rd St Existing Conditionsbarrier type, low profile.jpg

Example Barrier Type

Example Delineator Post


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