Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI) Drives Growth and Collaboration in Indiana Uplands

Bloomington, IN – February 29, 2024 – Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI) is spearheading transformative projects across the Indiana Uplands, as showcased in their recent update on various initiatives aimed at fostering economic development, education, and community connectivity, according to a newsletter sent to the Bloomingtonian.

READI 1.0 Project Update: Co-workers Become Neighbors

Donald Grocki, a recent college graduate and systems engineer at Cook Medical, symbolizes the success of ROI’s READI 1.0 initiative. Grocki swiftly transitioned into homeownership, acquiring a residence in the Texas Pike Place neighborhood in Owen County. This housing development, supported by READI 1.0 funding, is tailored for middle-income wage earners employed at Cook Medical and Cook Group companies. The project aims to construct 99 single-family, owner-occupied homes, further fortifying the community fabric.

Housing Webinar Series: Advancing Housing Projects

ROI’s Housing Webinar Series is set to resume, offering educational sessions to propel housing opportunities in local communities. The upcoming session on March 15 focuses on financial stacking, providing community leaders with insights into addressing housing challenges and utilizing financial tools such as Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).

Education Innovations: UpSkill’s Apprenticeship Program

Ryder Craig, a high school junior at Barr-Reeve High School, is making strides in information technology through ROI’s UpSkill Work & Learn program. This U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)-registered apprenticeship allows Craig to enhance his skills at RTC Communications, where he engages in tasks ranging from computer upgrades to troubleshooting. The program, initiated last year, underscores ROI’s commitment to fostering skill development among the youth.

Community News: Banneker Community Center Revitalization

Following a challenging COVID pause, the Banneker Community Center is experiencing a resurgence. Funded by a Ready Communities grant from ROI in 2019, the center underwent renovations and received technology upgrades to better serve the community. On cold nights, the center buzzes with energy as families bond over cooking, reinforcing its role as a cultural hub.

READI 2.0 Project Update: Future-Driven Investment

ROI recently submitted a READI 2.0 application on behalf of the Indiana Uplands READI region. The proposal, shaped by extensive stakeholder engagement and informed by various studies and sessions, focuses on critical areas such as childcare and housing. Investment commitments from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) are anticipated in April.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Accelerator Program Launch

With backing from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, The Mill is introducing an accelerator program for early-stage startups in the Indiana Uplands region. The program, spanning eight weeks, includes coaching, in-person events, and virtual activities to connect participants with mentors and subject matter experts, covering vital areas such as marketing, sales, and financials.

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