Statement from President Biden on Addressing National Security Risks to the U.S. Auto Industry

Written from Press release:

Washington – March 1, 2024

In a significant address on Friday, President Biden underscored the critical role of the American auto industry in global innovation and economic stability. The President expressed concerns over China’s attempts to assert dominance in the auto market through what he deemed as unfair practices, posing potential risks to the national security of the United States.

“American automakers and auto workers are the best in the world. The iconic Big Three and American auto workers are leading the world in quality and innovation. A dynamic auto industry is vital to the U.S. economy,” President Biden stated, highlighting the industry’s pivotal contribution to the nation’s economic landscape.

The President went on to address the potential threats posed by China’s determined efforts to dominate the global auto market. He expressed concern that China’s policies could flood the U.S. market with its vehicles, thereby jeopardizing national security.

“Most cars these days are ‘connected’ – they are like smart phones on wheels. These cars are connected to our phones, to navigation systems, to critical infrastructure, and to the companies that made them,” President Biden explained, drawing attention to the increasing connectivity in modern vehicles. He expressed worries that connected vehicles from China could compromise sensitive data about U.S. citizens and infrastructure, potentially sending this data back to the People’s Republic of China. The President raised the possibility of such vehicles being remotely accessed or disabled.

Highlighting China’s restrictions on American and foreign autos operating within its borders, President Biden questioned why connected vehicles from China should be allowed to operate in the United States without adequate safeguards.

In response to these concerns, President Biden announced unprecedented actions aimed at safeguarding national security. He revealed that he had directed the Secretary of Commerce to conduct a thorough investigation into connected vehicles with technology from countries of concern, with a specific focus on China. The President emphasized the need for responsive actions to mitigate potential risks.

“As President, I vowed to do right by auto workers and middle-class families that depend on the auto industry for jobs. With this and other actions, we’re going to make sure the future of the auto industry will be made here in America with American workers,” President Biden concluded, reaffirming his commitment to securing the future of the American auto industry.

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