Beanblossom Creek Watershed Project Aims to Enhance Water Quality – First Public Meeting Set for March 19, 2024

NASHVILLE, Ind. – In a bid to address water quality concerns in the Beanblossom Creek Drainage, the Beanblossom Creek Watershed Project has been launched, with its inaugural public meeting scheduled for March 19, 2024, from 6-8 pm at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom.

The project, aimed at assessing, safeguarding, and enhancing water quality, invites residents, businesses, farmers, and recreational enthusiasts in the Beanblossom Creek Drainage to actively participate. The initiative also seeks to formulate a strategic plan for the region, addressing various aspects of water quality, land use, stream and lake conditions, and recreational activities.

Residents are encouraged to drop in at their convenience during the allotted time and share their insights on Beanblossom Creek, Lake Lemon, Griffy Lake, and other watershed streams. Suggestions related to water quality, land use, stream and lake conditions, and recreation are welcomed.

According to Sara Peel, the project coordinator, “The Beanblossom Creek Project is structured to allow community input on what they want to see happen in terms of regional planning to improve water quality within the Beanblossom Creek Drainage.” Peel emphasized that this initiative includes volunteer water quality monitoring, stream clean-up events, educational opportunities, local tours, and more.

Funding for the project comes from a $137,141 grant through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Section 205j Water Quality Planning Program. The grant was awarded to the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District and its collaborators.

Sara Peel highlighted the collaborative nature of the project, with over 30 community agencies and organizations supporting the endeavor. Partners include the Brown County SWCD, City of Bloomington Utilities, City of Bloomington Parks, Sycamore Land Trust, Lake Lemon Conservancy District, Monroe County Health Department, Monroe County Surveyors Office, Monroe County stormwater services, Brown County Regional Sewer District, O’Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs, among others.

The project is currently in its initial phase, involving data collection, steering committee formation, and the solicitation of public opinions. Those interested in contributing to the initiative can contact Project Coordinator Sara Peel at [email protected].

For more information, an RSVP for the public meeting can be made online at or by contacting Sara Peel at [email protected] or 765-337-9100.

Press Release provided by Monroe County SWCD and Brown County SWCD.

(Contact: Sara Peel – [email protected] | Martha Miller – [email protected] | 812-334-4323 x3)

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