Bloomington Filmmaker’s Monument to Love Receives Acclaim with 24 Best-Documentary Awards in International Film Festivals

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – March 4, 2024

Comforty Media Concepts proudly announces the triumph of “Monument to Love,” a documentary film by Bloomington-based filmmaker Jacky Comforty, which has garnered 24 Best-Documentary Awards in various international film festivals.

The film embarks on a poignant journey alongside Comforty and his mother, Ika Comforty Ovadia, spanning 25 years. This cinematic exploration delves into the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust in Bulgaria. As the narrative unfolds, Ika shares her personal experiences, recounting memories and reading passages from her diary that illuminate the challenges faced by a young woman in a world spiraling into war. Amidst the cruelty and dangers of the time, acts of friendship stand as beacons of humanity. Ika’s story, presented in “Monument to Love,” serves as an anti-war manifesto, bravely confronting totalitarianism and supremacy while erecting a powerful monument to love.

The film’s acclaim is not only reflected in its 24 Best-Documentary Awards but also includes 8 Finalist awards, 5 Nominations for awards, and 2 Honorable Mentions from international film festivals across the globe.

Jacky Comforty’s emotionally charged documentary has touched audiences worldwide, resonating with its powerful message and unique perspective on one of the darkest chapters in history. The success of “Monument to Love” showcases the filmmaker’s dedication to preserving and sharing the untold stories of resilience and love during the Holocaust.

For those interested in exploring the essence of “Monument to Love,” a trailer is available at Comforty Media Concepts’ website.

As the film continues to captivate audiences, its impact extends beyond the screen, promoting understanding and remembrance of historical events that must not be forgotten.

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