Novel Series “Starfall” Explores Midwestern Utopia’s Past and Future with AI and Hope

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A new novel series, “Starfall,” by author T. Newyear, takes readers on a captivating journey through the potent past and future of New Harmony, Indiana, weaving together historical fiction, artificial intelligence, and utopian ideals.

New Harmony, historically known for its utopian experiment in the 1820s, becomes the backdrop for “Starfall,” a novel series that stretches across time, exploring the town’s heyday and a not-too-distant future post-climate change. The narrative follows a woman in both eras, uncovering a mystery tied to strange pools forming in the woods when the stars fall.

Author T. Newyear shares, “New Harmony was the indirect product of a huge technological shift with massive societal repercussions, one we’re seeing now with artificial intelligence, the internet, and digital culture.” The novel aims to draw parallels between the automated looms of the British industrial revolution and the contemporary influence of artificial intelligence and algorithms.

“Starfall” received praise for its imaginative storytelling and genre-blending, addressing historical and futurist considerations of utopia. The narrative follows the origins of New Harmony, shaped by a charismatic entrepreneur named Robert Owen, and draws connections between America’s progressive roots and the challenges faced by society during the 1820s.

Newyear emphasizes the relevance of New Harmony’s history to modern times, stating, “The history of places like New Harmony reminds us that America has always been complicated and fraught with conflict and calls for justice and change.” The novel mirrors the challenges faced by Harmonists in the 1820s with contemporary issues such as climate change and technological upheavals.

“Starfall” invites readers to overcome fear and embrace hope, envisioning a more balanced future despite differences. Newyear’s portrayal of AI in the novel reflects a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines, challenging conventional narratives of competition and offering a more optimistic perspective.

The author will be hosting book talks and events in various locations, including Zionsville, New Harmony, Evansville, and Whiteland. Additionally, “Starfall Book 2” is set to be released, continuing the story of Xenia and her AI companion Alt in the utopian town of Harmonie.

Praise for “Starfall Book 1” highlights its ability to provide an escape from reality while keeping readers engaged with intriguing threads and a refreshing blend of genres. “Starfall 3” is scheduled for release in September 2024.

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Press Release provided by T. Newyear.

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