Indiana University Basketball Gears Up for Senior Day: Coach Woodson Addresses Press

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – In a press conference held today at Indiana University, Head Coach Mike Woodson provided insights into the upcoming Senior Day, reflecting on the team’s recent performance and addressing questions about the future of key players.

With Senior Day approaching on Sunday, Coach Woodson expressed his happiness that Xavier Johnson will have a proper sendoff and play in the game. However, the status of Trey Galloway and Anthony Leal’s participation remains uncertain. Woodson stated, “I haven’t had a chance to sit down and see what they’re going to do in terms of Senior Night, so I’ll know more today when I sit down with them about that.”

Woodson acknowledged that while Xavier Johnson is set to go through Senior Night, Galloway and Leal have choices, possibly returning for another year. The coach emphasized the need to discuss their future plans and make decisions collaboratively.

When asked about the team’s improved shooting performance over the last three games, Woodson credited the players’ hard work and the return of Xavier Johnson. He noted that Johnson’s presence has accelerated the team’s pace, leading to more transition opportunities and improved offensive efficiency.

In the recent game, Indiana showcased exceptional ball movement, recording 28 assists on 30 made baskets. Woodson praised the experience and passing abilities of Johnson and Galloway, highlighting their roles as primary offensive outlets.

Addressing concerns about the 2024 recruiting class, Woodson remained tight-lipped, stating, “I’m not going to talk about recruiting with you guys. It’s something we have to do, and this is going to be a big summer for us.”

Regarding the status of Anthony Walker, Woodson mentioned that Walker’s MRI results looked positive, but his ability to practice and play is yet to be determined based on his recovery from soreness.

Looking ahead to the upcoming game against Michigan State, Woodson emphasized the importance of maintaining the team’s recent defensive efforts. He commended the players for their commitment, hard work, and continuous improvement during the three-game winning streak.

Reflecting on Xavier Johnson’s upcoming Senior Day, Woodson expressed pride and happiness for Johnson, acknowledging the challenges he faced with injuries throughout his college career. He mentioned that Senior Day would be a special night for Johnson and his family, recognizing the significance of concluding a college basketball career and transitioning to the next phase of life. Coach Woodson pledged ongoing support for Johnson in his future endeavors beyond the basketball court.

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