McCalla Exhibit Explores the Art and Activism of South African Artist Caroline Cullinan

Bloomington, IN – University Collections at McCalla, located at 525 N. Indiana Ave., is set to launch its latest exhibition, “Divine Resilience: The Artistic Odyssey of Caroline Cullinan,” on Thursday, March 21, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm EDT. The event, located at McCalla, will provide attendees with the unique opportunity to engage with artist Caroline Cullinan, offering insights into her works. The exhibition marks the first showcase of Cullinan’s art in the United States, featuring several recently completed pieces never before displayed.

Journey Unveiled

“Divine Resilience” unravels the journey of Caroline Cullinan, a South African artist born in 1956. From her early fascination with natural history to her role as an activist during South Africa’s transformative years, Cullinan’s artistic repertoire now extends to include enchanting portrayals of goddesses and Orishas. This exhibition showcases her profound connection with cultural and spiritual narratives, representing a significant phase in her illustrious career.

Viewers will witness a visual testament that blends cultural influences, personal reflections, and a profound connection to the natural world as a source of divine spirituality.

Exhibition Details

The exhibition, curated by IU doctoral student of Art History Alexandra Nickolaou, is the result of close collaboration with Cullinan, bringing her vibrant paintings, textiles, and ceramics from South Africa to IU. Nickolaou emphasizes that “Divine Resilience” captures the diverse and dynamic life and work of an artist. Cullinan’s engagement in South Africa’s socio-political struggles and her exploration of African spirituality promise to profoundly impact and inspire, fostering a greater appreciation for diverse cultural narratives and the power of artistic expression.

Sponsorship and Duration

The exhibit is sponsored by the IU Department of Art History, IU African Studies Program, and the Tanner-Opperman Fund in Honor of Roy Sieber. It is scheduled to be on display at McCalla through the end of 2024.

Mission of University Collections at McCalla

The mission of University Collections at McCalla is to provide accessible exhibition and educational experiences, creating opportunities for students, faculty, and the community to engage with collections, IU-generated research, and creative projects in meaningful and innovative ways.


Alisha Beard
Engagement Coordinator, Public Art and Cultural Heritage
University Collections
Indiana University
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 812-855-1024

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