Indiana Angler Sets New State Record with Massive Smallmouth Bass Catch at Lake Monroe

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INDIANAPOLIS — Rex Remington, an avid angler from Indiana, made news in the fishing community by reeling in a state record-breaking smallmouth bass on March 3 at Monroe Lake near Bloomington, Indiana. The catch, weighing in at a 8 pounds, 4 ounces, surpassed the previous record set in 1992 at Twin Lake in LaGrange County by a pound.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) confirmed the authenticity of the record, celebrating Remington’s achievement in the realm of sport fishing. The smallmouth bass, known for their spirited fights, was promptly released back into Monroe Lake, ensuring the conservation of this specimen.

Smallmouth bass, one of Indiana’s three species of black bass alongside largemouth bass and spotted bass, are known among anglers for their tenacity. While many associate them with streams and natural lakes, several Indiana reservoirs consistently yield large smallmouth catches, including Patoka, Brookville, and now Monroe.

Fishing enthusiasts are advised to target smallmouth bass in lakes during early spring when they exhibit aggressive feeding behavior before spawning. As water temperatures rise, these elusive fish move into rocky points and flat areas, making them an exciting challenge for anglers. Smallmouth bass are opportunistic carnivores, preying on insects, crayfish, and other fish. Effective lures include spinnerbaits, crayfish-patterned crankbaits, surface lures, and live minnows or crayfish.

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