Indiana Among States with Significant Gender Wage Gap, Study Finds

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INDIANAPOLIS — March 13, 2024

A recent study has revealed that Indiana ranks among the states with the biggest gender wage gaps nationwide, with men earning significantly more than women in full-time positions.

According to data analyzed by QRFY, Indiana ranked ninth on the list of states with the largest disparities in annual wages between genders. The study found that on average, men working full-time in Indiana earn $13,621 more annually than their female counterparts.

The findings shed light on a pervasive issue of wage inequality across the United States. Nationally, the study found that men earn an average of $11,346.84 more per year than women in full-time positions, representing a gender pay gap of over 20%.

New Hampshire topped the list with the largest gender pay gap, where men earn $18,044 more annually than women. Utah and North Dakota followed closely behind, with wage disparities of $17,528 and $14,082, respectively.

In Indiana, the average annual wage for a full-time working male was reported as $59,860, compared to $46,239 for a full-time working female.

The study’s findings underscore the need for targeted strategies to address wage inequality, including salary transparency and policies to support working families.

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