Events: Soma Vibe Eclipse! – April 7, 2024

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — March 22, 2024

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming solar eclipse in Bloomington, residents are being offered a unique opportunity to embrace the celestial energy in a dance experience like no other.

Dubbed “Somavibe: The Night Before the Eclipse,” the event promises to unveil the inner dancer within each participant. Scheduled for April 7th, the immersive journey will be set to the improvised tunes of “The Space Between” at an undisclosed location.

For a fee of $25 per person, attendees will have the chance to embark on a cosmic exploration through ecstatic dance led by live musicians including Stephanie Heidemann on vocals, Tom Clark on flutes, Charlie Jesseph on guitar and vocals, Norbert Herber on keyboards and sound design, and Julian Douglas on percussion.

The event, spanning from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., is designed to transcend the boundaries of the dance floor. Facilitated by Utam Moses, it aims to guide participants into a flow state, fostering total immersion and joyful movement.

“The co-creative connection between musicians and dancers is older than human civilization,” said organizers in a statement. “Music and dance have been used as tools for healing, transcendence and transformation throughout time and across the globe.”

With the eclipse looming on the horizon, Somavibe presents an opportunity for individuals to tap into the pre-eclipse energy and connect with their inner rhythm.

So, for those ready to shed inhibitions and embrace the cosmic beat, Somavibe beckons as a prelude to the celestial spectacle awaiting Bloomington.


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