Press release: “Threats Led to Cancellation of IU Antisemitism Prevention Week Event”

The following was sent to the Bloomingtonian Tuesday, and was not written by the Bloomingtonian:

Threats Led to Cancellation of IU Antisemitism Prevention Week Event

Bloomington, Indiana
–  IU Hillel has been forced to cancel tonight’s planned event, The Green Prince: Mosab Hassan Yousef, which was to take place on the IU campus, due to credible security threats of violence, allegedly involving white supremacists and pro-Palestinian activists. 

The event, which also was supported by the IU Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, was to feature Mosab Hassan Yousef, a son of the co-founder of Hamas. He was planning to share his direct knowledge of the nature of Hamas and describe the corruption and brutality that Hamas has perpetrated on the residents of Gaza, as well as during the terrorist attacks in Israel. He describes himself as a proponent of the Palestinian people and therefore feels the need to speak out against Hamas.

At this time, several other events are planned for IU Antisemitism Prevention Week to counter widespread misinformation about the current conflict in the Middle East,  to encourage a better understanding about Judaism, and to raise awareness about the alarming rise of antisemitism throughout the world and in particular on American college campuses. These free events are open to the public for peaceful reflection and discussion. See attached pdf flyer for details.

IU Faculty and Staff for Israel was founded in response to the violent invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7th. Its members seek to educate and raise awareness about the conflict, counter misinformation and propaganda, and affirm the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign and independent state. For more information, see the group’s website.

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