FTC Team 11329 – I.C.E. Robotics, of Monroe County, Indiana, Advances to FIRST World Championships

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Bloomington, IN — April 2, 2024

FTC Team 11329 – I.C.E. Robotics, from the area of Bloomington, Indiana, has achieved a milestone at the Indiana State Championship, securing the prestigious INSPIRE Award and earning the opportunity to represent Indiana at the global level in the FIRST World Championships, according to a press release.

Comprising dedicated 8th-12th grade students from Monroe County, I.C.E. Robotics has been a dominant force in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) for several years. With back-to-back top 7 rankings in the world offensive power ratings and FIRST Updates Now (FUN) FTC Top 25, the team has consistently demonstrated innovation, teamwork, and community outreach.

The INSPIRE Award, presented at the Indiana State Championship, is a testament to I.C.E. Robotics’ exceptional performance in both the robot game and community engagement. This esteemed accolade recognizes teams that embody the spirit of FIRST, exhibit outstanding teamwork, and inspire others within their community.

The team is now gearing up for the FIRST World Championships, a prestigious event that brings together top teams from across the globe. To make this journey possible, the team is seeking support from the community.

Donations from generous individuals and organizations will directly fund the team’s trip to the World Championships. Additionally, I.C.E. Robotics encourages supporters to spread the word about their success story and invite others to contribute to their cause.

For those passionate about robotics, engineering, or programming, I.C.E. Robotics extends an invitation to join their team. By joining FTC Team 11329, individuals can experience the thrill of building robots, solving real-world challenges, and making lifelong friendships.

About FTC Team 11329 – I.C.E. Robotics: I.C.E. Robotics is a passionate group of students, mentors, and volunteers dedicated to promoting STEM education and fostering creativity. Their mission is to ignite curiosity, build resilience, and empower future leaders through robotics.

About FIRST: FIRST is a global movement that encourages young people to explore science and technology. By engaging in hands-on challenges, students develop critical skills and a passion for innovation.

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