Swatting leads to Bomb Threat Response at Edgewood Intermediate School Wednesday

Staff report

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. — April 2, 2023

Police responded to a bomb threat targeting Edgewood Intermediate School on Tuesday, mobilizing multiple law enforcement agencies in a coordinated effort to secure the premises and ensure the safety of students and staff, according to the Ellettsville Police Department.

Alongside officers from the Ellettsville Police Department, personnel from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Bloomington Police Department, and Indiana University Police Department K-9 Unit were deployed to sweep the school grounds and buildings within the Richland Bean Blossom School Corporation.

Following an investigation, authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), concluded that the incident was a case of “swatting,” a malicious hoax intended to provoke a large-scale response from law enforcement.

The following was released to the media by the Ellettsville Police Department:

ELLETTSVILLE, IN (APRIL 3, 2024): Today, Ellettsville Police responded to a bomb threat made by telephone concerning the Edgewood Intermediate School.  Ellettsville Police were assisted in securing the grounds and searching the buildings of the schools within the Richland Bean Blossom School Corporation by members of the Monroe County Sheriff Department, Bloomington Police Department and Indiana University Police Department K-9 Unit.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted in the situation and were able to determine that the school had been the victim of a “swatting” incident.  The school day resumed as usual. 

Anthony Bowlen, Administrative Deputy Chief

Ellettsville Police Department

Below is a Media Release by Dr. Sanders of RBBSC:

Dear Parents,

Multiple law enforcement agencies and two explosive sniffing K9s were taken through EIS.

All is clear at EIS.

We are going to sweep EECC and EPS in the same manner as EIS as a precaution.

I will send another update soon.

The FBI and multiple local law enforcement agencies have determined that the bomb threat call was a swatting incident.  Many schools throughout the state and country have received swatting calls designed to disrupt a school day.

We kept students in the classroom because the caller did not give a location.  To move students could have placed students and staff into greater danger.

In order to reduce alarm among the students, we are going to continue on with as much of a normal day as possible.

Dr. Sanders”

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