White Supremacists Disrupt City Council Meeting; Ceasefire Resolution Passes Unanimously

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — April 4, 2024

White supremacists disrupted a city council meeting in Bloomington Wednesday night with racist and Nazi comments, but the council ultimately passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict with a unanimous 9-0 vote. Bloomington Mayor Kerry Thomson has stated her intention to veto the resolution, despite the overwhelming support it received.

The meeting, typically streamed on Zoom wasn’t available via CATS or YouTube video available by 1 p.m. However, community members who attended the meeting confirmed the presence of white supremacists and the inflammatory comments they made.



Mayor Thomson took to Facebook after the meeting to condemn the hateful comments:


The resolution, aimed at ending the violence in the Israel-Hamas conflict, gained more relevancy after the Israeli Defense Forces’ killing of seven aid workers in Palestine earlier this week. The incident drew condemnation from United States President Joe Biden.

The war, which has left hundreds of Israeli prisoners of war in captivity of Hamas, over 1200 dead in Israel, and over 32000 in Gaza killed during Israel’s military action against Hamas, has divided Bloomington’s progressive community. Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, 2023 committing mass atrocities, and Israel then declared war on Hamas responding with a massive military response which has continued for months. Over a million are facing starvation, and after the attack on food relief workers, many humanitarian groups have pulled out.

Despite the mayor’s plans to veto the resolution, the council’s unanimous vote gives them a 2/3 majority, allowing them to override any potential veto.

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