Indiana University President Pamela Whitten Faces Vote of No Confidence

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – APRIL 16: Outside the IU auditorium during no confidence vote on April 16, 2024 in Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — April 16, 2024

Indiana University President Pamela Whitten, alongside Provost Rahul Shrivastav and Vice Provost Carrie Docherty, faced a rebuke as nearly 900 faculty members cast votes of no confidence following a closed meeting spanning nearly three hours.

Results from the Indiana University Faculty Vote of No Confidence reveal a resounding expression of discontent:

  • Vice Provost Carrie Docherty: 895 ballots, with 672 expressing No Confidence, 107 against, and 116 abstained.
  • Provost Rahul Shrivastav: 804 affirmatives, 47 negatives, 28 abstentions, totaling 879 votes.
  • President Pamela Whitten: 827 in favor, 29 opposed, 32 abstentions, with 888 votes cast.

Attendees who shared insights with The Bloomingtonian highlighted two key grievances. Firstly, the cancellation of a retrospective by Palestinian American Artist Samia Halaby stirred discontent among faculty members. Secondly, the suspension of IU professor Abdulkader Sinno ignited criticism.

Faculty council members argue that the university administration, under Whitten’s leadership, breached university policy by suspending political science professor Abdulkader Sinno. This unilateral decision by the administration, they contend, potentially creates a chilling effect for faculty members.

Sinno’s suspension stemmed from administrative punishment for erroneous form submissions before Israeli American speaker and pro-Palestinian activist Miko Peled’s visit to IU.

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