Study Highlights Indianapolis Metropolitan Area Among Worst for Air Quality in United States

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Indianapolis, Indiana – April 19, 2024

New research shedding light on air quality across the United States has pinpointed areas within Indiana among those with the most concerning levels of pollution. According to the study conducted by SmartSurvey, the Indianapolis metropolitan area, including Indianapolis, Carmel, and Anderson, ranks among the top 10 regions with the worst air quality in the country.

Utilizing data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency collected in 2023, SmartSurvey assessed various metropolitan areas based on 12 factors measuring air quality. These factors were carefully analyzed, and rankings were assigned based on the severity of air pollution, with lower scores indicating poorer air quality.

The Indianapolis metropolitan area scored a total index of 38.57, securing its place as the tenth area with the worst air quality nationwide. This ranking reflects a concerning trend, with the region experiencing 142 days categorized as moderate, 16 days deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups, and two days classified as unhealthy overall.

The findings underscore the pressing need for heightened awareness and action regarding air quality in Indiana. Mo Naser, CEO of SmartSurvey, emphasized the significance of such studies, noting that increased attention to the effects of emissions and fossil fuels on the environment is essential.

Naser commented, “Identifying areas with the worst air quality brings awareness to the potential health risks associated with poor air conditions. It’s crucial for communities and policymakers to address these concerns and work towards cleaner, healthier environments for all residents.”

Residents of Indiana are urged to remain vigilant about air quality issues and to take proactive measures to mitigate pollution levels in their communities. The study serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental stewardship and collective efforts to safeguard public health.

For further insights and details regarding the study, please visit SmartSurvey’s website.

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