Police Investigate Multiple Instances of Shots Fired Over Weekend

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — April 22, 2024

Authorities are investigating a series of incidents involving shots fired over the weekend in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Bloomington Police Department responded to reports of gunfire in the vicinity of South Basswood Drive and South Muller Parkway on Sunday afternoon, at around 12:34 p.m.

According to Captain Ryan Pedigo of the Bloomington Police Department, an individual is suspected to have discharged approximately six shots from within a white vehicle, potentially identified as a Dodge Charger. Upon arrival, officers discovered six spent .40 caliber shell casings scattered in the area. However, efforts to follow up with the complainants proved unsuccessful, leaving law enforcement without a suspect or further leads. Fortunately, no injuries or property damage were reported in connection with the incident.

However, this was not an isolated occurrence. During a large police response, the Indiana State Police Department was ultimately called on Saturday night to investigate reports of gunfire originating from a gathering across from the White Lot parking area, situated west of Memorial Stadium. Authorities said in police radio dispatches that a male suspect, described as wearing a blue hoodie, had allegedly discharged several rounds into the air before fleeing the scene. Law enforcement was unable to locate the suspect immediately.

In another incident on Thursday morning, residents in the vicinity of Switchyard Park reported hearing a barrage of six to seven gunshots. Promptly responding to the scene, local police deployed a drone in their search for a suspect. However, their efforts yielded no results, as the perpetrator had already vacated the area. Authorities focused their search on homeless encampments along the park perimeter, in pursuit of a male individual reportedly wearing a camouflage shirt, who was last seen heading northbound.

Adding to the weekend’s tally of gun-related incidents, a shooting on Curry Pike on Saturday night left a male victim in his 50s with gunshot wounds. The Bloomington Police Department had previously issued a statement regarding this particular incident.

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