Man arrested after approximately 34 vehicles burglarized, and four guns stolen

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Bloomington, Indiana – April 24, 2024

A 35-year-old man, Joshua Gunselman, is the suspect in as many as 34 vehicle burglaries over a 48–72-hour period, according to court records. The man was arrested on April 18, 2024.

A police officer had come upon Gunselman at a homeless camp before police were aware of the thefts and saw him with a large amount of cash outside his tent in a homeless camp in the 2900 block of South Rogers. The police officer described it as “hundreds of dollars.” When Gunselman realized the officer was approaching, he began to hide the money.

Police then began to investigate the vehicle burglaries, and the officer released that the incidents might be tied together because the homeless camp is near the area where the thefts occurred.

Police answered dozens of calls from complainants whose vehicles had been ransacked. Cash, and in 4 cases, firearms, were stolen. Items taken were also high-value electronics and other belongings.

Police on the scanner could be heard talking about items being scattered on West Cherokee Drive. Other areas targeted were the 700 block of Country Club Drive, and the 2500 block of South Hilton Drive.

Gunselman’s tent was located at the edge of the Clear Creek and Bloomington Rail Trail around South Rogers Street and West Pinewood Drive.

After seeing the man with the cash in the homeless camp, the same police officer took a report of a theft from a vehicle in the 600 block of West Cherokee Drive. $500 in cash and a black Beretta .380 caliber pistol were stolen.

Another officer took a theft report on South Milton Drive, resulting in a Rossi .38 Special 5-shot revolver being stolen from a vehicle. Another handgun, identified as a gray Taurus 9mm, was stolen from a vehicle on April 18th on West Cherokee Drive. The suspect also broke into the person’s home, was confronted, and left on a bicycle.

Then finally, a woman in the 1900 block of South Rogers reported that her truck was ransacked, and items were stolen, including a Heritage “Rough Rider” 22LR with a 16-inch barrel.

Police noted all the thefts occurred around the same time of day and by the same methods.

Gunselman was located in a green tent at the homeless camp and patted down for weapons. A video of a suspicious person wearing camouflaged pants, a black long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt with a light-colored vest over it, matched the current description of the suspect’s clothing minus the vest.

Police issued Gunselman his Miranda warning, but he still told them he had meth in his tent and stolen items. Police later located 1.5 grams of a substance they believe is meth.

Police also found the .22 LR gun, but none of the others. Gunselman told police he’d sold them to a person for $100 ten minutes up the trail but couldn’t remember who the person was. He admitted to going through the vehicle and taking things while under the influence of drugs but couldn’t remember where the vehicles were located. He said he would check to see if the vehicles were unlocked, then enter. He also admitted to entering a residence that was unlocked and being confronted.

He said he believed he stole 4 guns but didn’t know where the 4th one was located.

Gunselman is currently in the Monroe County Jail and faces charges of burglary, a level 4 felony; 4 level 6 felonies for theft, 4 misdemeanors for unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, 1 level 6 felony for possession of methamphetamine, and possession of paraphernalia, a b misdemeanor.

Booking photo – Joshua Gunselman – Monroe County Correctional Center

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