McCormick Challenges Candidates to Bloomington Town Hall Meeting on Reproductive Rights

Written from press release:

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction and Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor, Jennifer McCormick, is extending an invitation to all candidates for Indiana Governor to partake in three regional Town Hall meetings focusing on reproductive rights within the state.

“Nearly two years ago, women’s freedoms were stripped from them when extreme politicians at the Indiana Statehouse convened a special session and passed one of the earliest abortion bans in the nation following the Dobbs decision,” said Jennifer McCormick. “Hoosier voters deserve to know if their candidates for governor will protect or further attack access to reproductive healthcare in Indiana. Therefore, I am challenging all candidates to join me at Town Halls across the state to discuss the future of reproductive rights and freedoms in Indiana.”

The regional Town Hall is scheduled to occur tomorrow from 7:30-8:30 pm at the Banneker Community Center, located at 930 W. 7th St., Bloomington, IN 47404. The event is open to both the media and the public.

McCormick, a lifelong educator and fifth-generation Hoosier from New Castle, Indiana, has dedicated decades to serving Indiana in various educational capacities. As superintendent in rural Indiana, she advocated for local control of school districts and championed the cause of teachers and students, ensuring they had the necessary resources for success while emphasizing fiscal accountability.

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