Press release: City Receives INDOT Grant to Improve Roads

The City of Bloomington sent the following press release:


April 24, 2024

For more information, please contact:

Adam Wason, Director, Department of Public Works

Danna Workman-Stephens, Asset Clerk and Grants Coordinator, Department of Public Works – Street Division

City Receives INDOT Grant to Improve Roads

Bloomington, Ind.– The City of Bloomington has been awarded $745,893.54 through the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) 2024 Community Crossings Matching Grant program for a planned repaving project on West Third Street from South Patterson Drive to South Franklin Road, with construction planned for summer of 2024. 

“Overall, this project assists in our efforts to continually invest in our transportation network,” said Adam Wason, Director of Public Works. “By proactively investing based on best management practices for pavement maintenance, we are able to make the most efficient use of these resources. I’m thrilled to say this is the biggest award through this grant program that we’ve received to date.”

This 50/50 funding matching grant program was launched in 2016 by INDOT to provide financial assistance to cities, towns, and counties across Indiana for preservation projects involving local roads and bridges. If successfully awarded, the local agency is then responsible for providing half of the total project funding amount that is requested from INDOT.    

Typically, up to a total of $1 million in grant funds are available per calendar year for an individual municipality or county to apply for projects. However, in a new pilot program, that total has now been increased to $1.5 million for 2024. There are two annual rounds of call for funding applications, once each in January and July.   

The City of Bloomington has secured INDOT Community Crossings Matching Grant funding every year since 2019, with a total amount of $2,764,200.73 received through this program.  

Completed paving projects that have used Community Crossings Matching Grant funding between 2019-2023 include: Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomfield Road, Arlington Road, E. 3rd Street, College Mall Road, Discovery Parkway, Country Club Road, Winslow Road, Park Ridge Road and Smith Road. 


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