Press release: Judicial Hearing for Annexation Court Case Scheduled to Begin Monday, April 29th

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April 23, 2024

Judicial Hearing for Annexation Court Case Scheduled to Begin Monday, April 29th
Five-day judicial review hearing pertains to proposed annexation areas 1A and 1B

Monroe County, IN—Monday, April 29th marks the first day of a five-day judicial hearing to be held at the Justice Building located at 301 N. College Ave. Regarding proposed annexation areas 1A and 1B, the in-person event is slated to begin at 9 a.m., and members of the public are welcome to attend. At that time, Special Judge Nathan G. Nikirk of Lawrence Circuit Court will hear arguments from attorneys representing the City of Bloomington as well as attorneys representing annexation opponents.

Because remonstration signatures from more than 51 percent of property owners living in proposed annexation areas 1A and 1B were formally submitted, those residents have a right to judicial review under Indiana law. Area 1A and 1B residents opposed to their annexations expressed concerns about police protection, sanitation services, public amenities, trash removal, and more during public comment periods and the formal remonstration process. Monroe County Commissioners also were unanimously opposed to the proposed annexations.

If the court sides with the plaintiffs, the City of Bloomington’s attempted annexation of areas 1A and 1B will fail, and Monroe County residents living in those areas will remain outside of Bloomington.

“A majority of people are opposed to this unilateral and involuntary annexation effort,” says County Residents Against Annexation President Margaret Clements. “We believe that it is fundamentally hypocritical for a supposedly progressive community to work so adamantly against the will of most of the people.”

“Ultimately we hope that the court will decide that these annexations not take place and that they be determined to be void,” she adds.

County Residents Against Annexation (CRAA) is a non-partisan, community-based, 501c3 public charity. To learn more or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit And to view relevant court documents, associated orders, and more, visit and search case number 53C06-2203-PL-000509.

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