Driver Seeks Assistance in Finding Driver Who Left Note After Collision

Photos by Heather Mcleod

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – April 28, 2024

Heather McLeod reached out to the Bloomingtonian last week to ask for assistance in trying to locate a woman who crashed into her parked vehicle and left a note. The person who crashed into McLeod’s vehicle said she could be found inside the Bloomingfoods East location in the 3200 block of East Third Street, but there was nobody inside matching the person’s name.

The note left on McLeod’s car read, “I think I scratched your car. I am in the store, name is Karen (SIC).” There was more than a scratch; there was a dent in the car’s bumper, scraped-off paint, and scratches that will not be cheap to fix.

“She wasn’t in the store, and now I have a damaged car with no one to contact over it,” said McLeod, who had the woman paged in the store but was unable to locate her. McLeod said she filed a police report.

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