Letter: Monroe County GOP Condemns Chamber and BBoR for Interference in Primary Elections

The following letter was sent to the Bloomingtonian by the Monroe County Republican Party:

“The Monroe County Republican Party and its committee representatives express
profound disappointment with the video released by the President of the Bloomington
Chamber of Commerce. This video was subsequently shared as well as endorsed by
the Bloomington Board of Realtors. These ostensibly non-partisan entities have chosen
to insert themselves into the Monroe County primary elections.
The recommendation to disrupt each party member’s autonomy in selecting their
candidates for the general election is alarming.
The lack of engagement by these organizations in these races over the past two
decades has led us to this juncture. It is regrettable that the Chamber and BBoR would
prefer their Republican members to vote for a Democrat rather than support Republican
candidates who traditionally align more closely with their espoused values.
We condemn, in the strongest of terms, the attempts by both organizations to leverage
Republican voters to sway the Democratic Party, as they seem unable to influence
Democratic Primary voters to select a candidate that represents the organizations’
values. Instead of backing Republican candidates who typically embody their values,
they are urging their Republican members to interfere in the Democratic Primary rather
than support and promote outstanding Republican candidates.
A preliminary review of the Democratic candidates poised to be potential successors
indicates they will not be an improvement over the current situation, merely a different
manifestation of the Democratic Party’s twenty-year mismanagement of County
Government. We have Republican candidates at the local and state levels poised to
provide superior governance. We urge those concerned about the electability of
Republicans in Monroe County to invest their influence and support, including public
endorsements, in our strong Republican candidates this year, and in subsequent
election cycles. By remaining on the sidelines while witnessing the decline of the
business climate in Monroe County they are allowing the situation to worsen.”

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