Press release: Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council Applauds $5 Million Purchase of Israel Bonds

The following was sent to the Bloomingtonian:

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, May 2024 – The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is immensely thankful to the State of Indiana and Treasurer of State Daniel Elliott for the purchase of an additional $5 million in investments in Israel Bonds.
With the war between Israel and Hamas continuing for over seven months, the shocking sharp increase in antisemitism that we are witnessing in the United States, and the anti-Israel protests emerging on college campuses, our community appreciates this strong vote of confidence in Israel. This purchase of Israeli Bonds is another decisive step that demonstrates Indiana’s deep bond and allyship with the State of Israel.
Furthermore, this is a huge win for all Hoosiers. The investments will provide a substantial rate of return for Indiana, contributing to economic growth that will benefit all citizens across the state.
“Thank you to Treasurer Elliott for his leadership,” says Jamie Ratner Rich, JCRC’s President. “Investing in Israel bonds sends a loud and clear signal that Indiana stands with and supports Israel.”
JCRC looks forward to working with the State Treasurer, Governor, and other elected officials to continue to affirm Indiana’s connection with Israel.

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