Indiana University Trustees Respond to Calls for Leadership Change

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — May 15, 2024

The Indiana University Board of Trustees issued a statement Tuesday addressing recent controversies surrounding university leadership and handling of student demonstrations, opting not to terminate President Pamela Whitten and Provost Rahul Strivastav.

The statement comes on the heels of a vote of no confidence against President Whitten and reports of Indiana State Police intervention during pro-Palestine demonstrations on campus, resulting in the arrest of 57 students and faculty members.

In a protest staged outside the university administration offices, faculty and students called for the removal of President Whitten and Provost Strivastav.

The IU Trustees, predominantly appointed by Governor Holcomb, a member of the Indiana GOP supermajority, convened this week to deliberate on the situation.

The statement, issued by the Board of Trustees, reads:

“Statement from the IU Board of Trustees May 15, 2024

The Board of Trustees is grateful to IU faculty, staff, and other constituents who have shared their concerns with us. We want to state clearly that we are listening closely, are attentive to the issues that have been raised and are deeply committed to addressing them in a proactive and effective manner. Our direct conversations with President Whitten and her leadership team make it clear that they, too, understand the challenges and are also committed to paving a productive path forward. The Board of Trustees will provide all resources necessary to address these issues in a transparent and accountable fashion. We have asked for and President Whitten has agreed to commission an independent review of the campus climate to better inform the path forward.

With strong leadership, President Whitten has guided our university to many positive accomplishments under adverse conditions and continues to enjoy our support.

We are confident she can and will rise to this challenge.”

The statement indicates the Board’s intention to address concerns raised by faculty and students through an independent review of campus climate commissioned by President Whitten.

President Whitten’s leadership amid challenging circumstances was underscored by the Trustees, who expressed confidence in her ability to navigate the current situation.

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