Hoosier National Forest Staff Remove Invasive Plants

Bedford, IN (May 20, 2024) — Hoosier National Forest staff recently removed invasive garlic mustard plants from Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest, contributing to the preservation of the forest’s biodiversity.

“Removing invasive plants, especially in the forest’s natural areas, is important as they outcompete native plants, lessening the ecological and biological value of the area,” said Jeremiah Heise, Hoosier National Forest Ecosystem Program Manager. “Outcompeting native plants, especially spring ephemeral flowers, negatively impacts native pollinator populations and takes resources away from native plants.”

Garlic mustard, characterized by its taproot, does not regenerate from root fragments, making it one of the few invasive species that can be controlled manually by pulling. The staff collected the uprooted plants into bags to prevent re-rooting.

“Taking time to pull garlic mustard is satisfying in that you can see the visual impact of your work, both in bags of the plant removed and in it no longer standing in the forest,” Heise added. “Several years of effort are paying off and we can see the native plant response, which means the effort is worth it.”

The removal effort coincides with the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest’s designation as a National Natural Landmark on May 30, 1974. The National Natural Landmarks Program recognizes and encourages the conservation of sites with outstanding biological and geological resources. The National Park Service administers the program and works with landowners, managers, and partners to promote conservation and appreciation of the nation’s natural heritage.

Photo: Hoosier National Forest staff take a break from removing invasive garlic mustard plants in the Charles C. Deam Wilderness. [U.S. Forest Service provided photo]

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