Indiana University Police Captain Arrested After Alleged Theft

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — May 31, 2024

Bloomington Police have arrested Christopher Carl Collins, who works at the Indiana University Police Department, accused of theft involving over $32,000 from a local medical device company, according to court records obtained by the Bloomingtonian. Collins, 38, allegedly benefitted from unauthorized financial transactions conducted by his husband, Robert Casad, a former Innovative Surgical Designs (ISD) employee.

The Monroe County Jail arrest log shows that Collins was taken into custody Thursday on charges of fraud and theft, which are both level 6 felonies. Collins is a Captain at the Indiana University Police Department. The Bloomingtonian has not reached out to Indiana University for a statement since it’s typically a policy the university won’t discuss personnel matters.

According to a probable cause affidavit, David Anderson, CEO of ISD, reported the financial discrepancies on November 29, 2023, citing that Casad, who served as the office manager, had made unauthorized withdrawals and purchases using the company’s JP Morgan Chase account. The transactions, primarily unauthorized checks, and purchases, were discovered after Casad’s resignation on November 7, 2023.

Among the reported alleged transactions was an $8,000 check payable to 3C Properties, a business registered to Collins. Surveillance footage confirmed Collins cashed the check and subsequently transferred the majority of the funds into his personal account. Further investigations by the BPD revealed numerous other transactions deemed non-business-related, including several checks made out to Casad himself.

ISD reported a total loss of $32,672.69, substantiated by bank statements and other documentation provided to the authorities. Efforts to contact both Casad and Collins for explanations have been unsuccessful, and no cooperation has been received from either party, according to police. Attorney Joe Lozano initially represented them but later withdrew from the case.

The case is currently under review, and Bloomington Police requested an arrest warrant for Collins on charges of theft, a Level 6 felony, citing sufficient probable cause. The Bloomington Police noted in their investigation, Casad and Collins, married since October 2023, had been partners since 2018, according to various sources, including social media and address histories.

ISD continues to cooperate with the authorities and is pursuing criminal charges to recoup the lost funds.

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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