Prosecutor’s Office Declines Charges in Dunn Meadow Trespass Arrests

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office has announced that it will not file criminal charges against 55 individuals arrested for criminal trespass at Indiana University’s Dunn Meadow on April 25 and April 27, 2024.

The decision follows a comprehensive review of all reports, affidavits, videos, and photographs submitted by the Indiana University Police Department and Indiana State Police, according to the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding these arrests, including, among other things, the constitutionally dubious process by which the University passed and enforced its new policy regarding structures in Dunn Meadow, the State is unlikely to be able to convict these individuals at trials on the merits,” said a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office. “To attempt to do so would be a poor use of limited resources and wholly inconsistent with the sound exercise of prosecutorial discretion.”

The arrests that made international headlines sparked significant controversy and debate about the university’s new policy and enforcement methods. Many have called for the resignation of Indiana University President Pamela Whitten, and Provost Rahul Shrivastav.

The Prosecutor’s Office emphasized that its decision reflects a commitment to judicious resource management and the upholding of constitutional principles.

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