Music: Lenox Monroe Releasing Pride Month Anthem “Freddie Mercury” to Celebrate Love and Individuality

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Lenox Monroe Releasing Pride Month Anthem 

“Freddie Mercury” to Celebrate Love and Individuality

Bloomington, IN – Independent singer, songwriter, and recording artist Lenox Monroe today announced the forthcoming release of her new single, “FREDDIE MERCURY” via Live Yellow Records, which could serve as an anthem for Pride Month celebrations across the country. The song is currently available for pre-save, and will be available on all streaming platforms on June 4, 2024.

Bright and inspiring, Lenox Monroe’s “FREDDIE MERCURY” shares an uplifting message to stay true to yourself, no matter what, wrapped in a musical joyride. Inspired by Monroe’s personal battle with bullying in her childhood and teenage years, the song proves to be an encouraging and powerful anthem to not let others’ opinions of you impact how you live, and a reminder that each of us is special and has unique value with unlimited potential. 

“I wrote this song because I have always been the ‘weird kid’ and because of that, I wasn’t treated all that great by my classmates growing up. I was bullied. What I have learned since then is that the things that people pick on you for, that make you ‘weird’ or ‘different,’ are actually your greatest assets. Be yourself and live as you wish to be no matter what. You are special! That’s the message of this song,” Monroe said.

Monroe continued, “As a very artistic and eccentric person, I’ve always looked up to Freddie Mercury. I’ve been a huge Queen fan my whole life. What I find most inspiring about Freddie was his commitment to being himself no matter what. I suppose the title is my homage to Freddie for what he represents to me and to so many.”

The track begins with a tender, reflective tone, but quickly moves with effortless ease into a hopeful empowering message of strength, acceptance, and encouragement. The bridge draws you in with quiet vulnerability, crystal clear vocals, and a lyric that hits straight to the heart: “Don’t dim your light. Just set it free. The world is dark, but we don’t have to be. What is normal? ‘Cause I don’t know. The world is wild, and maybe so are we.”

The bridge then soars into a surprise key change for the final chorus, elevating the energy and impact of the track. The song illuminates Monroe’s talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and storyteller. And, it even provides listeners with a little bit of what the world needs: hope and love.

“I hope this song finds its way to the people who need it. It’s the song I wish I had when I was growing up. It’s my gift to my younger self, and to everyone who needs the reminder that they matter, that they bring value to the world, that we need them,” said Monroe.

About Lenox Monroe

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Monroe’s story is an inspiring one. She was bullied growing up. Music was her escape. She found a place on stage, performing musical theatre productions from elementary school all the way through high school, winning several awards along the way. She was a finalist in regional and national singing competitions. But, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

So, in high school, Monroe began writing her own songs. Her best friend was the first (and only) person to hear the first song she ever wrote.

“It wasn’t much of a song, really,” Monroe recalls. “But, she just told me how good it was, to keep writing and to never stop. She kept pushing me to share my songs, which I ultimately did.”

Her best friend was tragically killed in a car accident in 2018, and that changed everything for Monroe.

“I knew in my heart that the only way for me to heal and honor my friend would be to write and share my music with others,” said Monroe. “I wouldn’t have this music or be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for her.”

Follow Lenox Monroe on Spotify and on social media (@lenoxmonroe). Fans can also stay up to date on Monroe’s journey by visiting Monroe is an emerging talent who’s “one to watch.”


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