Press release: Indiana University Graduate Workers Coalition Endorses John McGlothlin III for Board of Trustees

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—On Monday, June 3, the Organizing Committee for the Indiana
Graduate Workers Coalition (IGWC) voted unanimously to endorse Indiana University Board of
Trustees candidate John McGlothlin III. McGlothlin has publicly endorsed graduate worker
“Grad workers should have the right to organize, vote, and collective bargain,” his official
campaign website states.
In addition to being a powerful voice for graduate worker union recognition, McGlothlin
emphasizes the importance of shared governance and academic freedom.
Despite the Bloomington Faculty Council’s historic vote of “no confidence” in President
Whitten, the Board of Trustees’ chair W. Quinn Buckner issued on behalf of the Trustees a
statement in defense of Whitten and her administration. McGlothlin criticizes the Trustees’
unwavering support.
“Buckner’s declaration indicates a yawning disconnect between current trustees and broad
swathes of IU’s stakeholders,” McGlothlin wrote in an open letter. “As fiduciaries, trustees must
take repeated, serious grievances regarding the administration and university policies to heart,
and must consider appropriate responses. Failing to do so is failing in one’s fiduciary duty, as is
hastily deferring to authorities at the university or statehouse.”
McGlothlin, who currently works in the financial sector in Austin, TX, earned both his MA
(2011) and PhD (2016) at Indiana University, Bloomington. His campaign for the Board of
Trustees stresses four “focus areas” for IU: a commitment to serving the needs of faculty and
staff, developing innovative solutions to problems that IU and higher education are facing, giving
all those in the IU community a say in the university’s operations, and making education
affordable and accessible.

“I have found that the best, most innovative ideas are the product of open, honest debates,”
McGlothlin wrote in his candidate statement. “I am committed to dedicating the time, research,
and engagement required to ensuring the Board develops the best possible outcomes for IU’s vast
community of stakeholders.”
Anyone who holds any degree from IU is eligible to vote in the Board of Trustees election,
which ends on June 28. Those eligible are encouraged to vote at the 2024 IU Trustee Election

ABOUT IGWC (—The IGWC was founded in 2019 to advocate for
graduate workers with the primary purpose of eliminating exorbitant fees and increasing pay.
IGWC actions, including a massive four-week strike in the Spring of 2022, successfully brought
an end to the fees and forced the IU administration to shift funds into graduate education,
significantly improving the lives of graduate employees in Bloomington. There are
approximately 2,400 SAA graduate employees on the Bloomington campus. Graduate workers
are employed as Associate Instructors, Research Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Adjuncts.
Others are employed on an hourly basis. They teach hundreds of courses as primary instructors,
conduct research in labs, and perform as artists and musicians.
For further questions and correspondence, contact Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition
media correspondent, David Garner ([email protected]).

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