Union at Crescent Towing Policies Stir Outrage Among Disabled Tenants

Staff report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — June 15, 2024

A Bloomington apartment complex has come under fire after tenants complained that vehicles displaying handicapped stickers are being towed from the property, causing significant distress among the disabled residents.

Jonathan Venstra, a resident of Union at Crescent at 1100 N Crescent Rd, raised concerns about what he described as a “towing frenzy” that is disproportionately affecting handicapped tenants. Venstra detailed an incident that occurred last Friday when a handler for a disabled neighbor had her car towed despite parking in a designated handicapped spot and displaying the required disability parking placard.

“The handler and her alternate have been pleading with management for a parking sticker to safely continue working with my neighbor,” Venstra said. “They were informed verbally by the property manager that they didn’t need stickers as long as they displayed the disability parking placard and didn’t stay overnight.”

However, the handler’s car was towed for “not displaying a current resident parking sticker,” leaving Venstra and others questioning the clarity and fairness of the parking regulations at Union at Crescent. Venstra highlighted several issues: the lack of handicapped accessible visitor parking, insufficient signage regarding towing policies, and misinformation from the property manager.

“There are more signs about security etiquette for a door that hasn’t worked for a year than there are about parking requirements,” Venstra noted. He also criticized the manager’s handling of the situation, especially given that the handler, who herself requires handicapped parking, now faces additional challenges in assisting her disabled client.

The incident has left Venstra and other residents upset. “I’m very sad that something like this is happening in my building,” he said.

The Bloomingtonian hasn’t reached out to Union at Crescent’s management yet for comment, but if they have a reason for this, let us know. Venstra expressed hope that bringing attention to this issue might lead to better accommodation and clearer policies for disabled tenants and their caregivers.

Are you disabled, and did you get your car towed despite displaying disability signs? Tell us your story in the comments.

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